P.Glia | PG Biomedical

During the last decades the number of substance-caused intolerance, allergies and serious diseases associated the high amount of harmful substances in food and cosmetic products (i.e. herbicides, pesticides, chemical compounds or substances of animal origin like hormones, antibiotics, etc. in intensive mass animal farming) has steadily increased. This applies especially to millions of customers for cosmetic products. Based on new scientific knowledge about the impact of harmful substances, on the one hand, and that of natural active components (i.e. vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and other natural compounds) in plant oils and extracts, on the other, the ecological consciousness as well as the demand for natural and ecologically compatible cosmetic products has particularly increased.

Since 2016 the answer to this increasing demand is at P.Glia the development of a new product line for organic cosmetics, P.Glia | PG Biomedical. The unique biomedical concept for high-quality natural cosmetics at fair prices was inspired by Nature and developed by Dr. Penka Pesheva. Through her long-term expertise in cell and matrix biology and professional knowledge about plant active components arose the development of innovative bio-products for facial, body and hair care whose formulation was selected according to the optimal effect of individual active ingredients in plant oils and extracts, i.e. with a biomedical concept and according to the latest state of knowledge. P.Glia | PG Biomedical stays for thoroughly designed products free of mineral and silicone oils, preservatives, parabens, PEG derivatives, and synthetic dyes and fragrances, with best effects without side effects.

The selected medical and cosmetic applications of our PG Biomedical natural cosmetics product line are defined for women of different age as well as for men and, partially, for children who suffer on substance-caused intolerance or other skin diseases.

PG Biomedical is a new concept for natural cosmetics developed by pglia.com or neuroscience.pglia.com